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Laser Removal


Laser Removal

Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction is know as a laser technique which is comfortable treatment. It is safe and effective for number off treatment can leave the fee of smooth.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a effective treatment targeting to fragments the tattoo pigment into tiny little pieces, which enable the body to eliminate the ink particles, leave skin surface clear looking.

  • Tattoo RemovalAll area from $ 50.00
  • Scar Removal

    Scar removal is a non-surgical Technic which is safe and effective treatment can help renew a new cells to improving scar tissues.

    • Scar RemovalAll area from $ 50.00
    • Mole Removal

      Mole removal is a laser technique treatment. It is safe and effective treatment to burn out the mole leave skin free and brighter looking.

      • Mole RemovalFrom $ 15.00
      • Skin Tag Removal

        Skin Tag removal is a laser technology procedure which can help to burn out the unwanted cells growth and leave the skin clear and fresh.