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Monthly Special

Just for you
Week 1
  • EXPIRED: NOV 01st-08th
  • SNS New Set (on Real Nails) $40
Week 2
  • EXPIRED: NOV 09-16th
  • Pedicure Shellac $40
Week 3
  • EXPIRED: NOV 17th-23rd
  • Shellac Toes Buff Shape $30
Week 4
  • EXPIRED: NOV 24-30th
  • Shellac Hands Buff Shape $30 (Free take off)


Special Products

Just for you
July 2018
  • Expired The final touch when cleansing your face, this gentle toner completes your daily skin care routine. Balancing your skin’s pH levels will help to lend a more even appearance, while aloe vera and chamomile lend your skin welcome hydration. $39 buy 1 get 1 Postage (not included)

August 2018
  • Expired Restore fullness to your skin with this advanced blend of peptides and Dead Sea minerals. This serum feels like silk to the touch, and promotes younger looking, more radiant skin while nourishing and hydrating with vitamins and proteins. Buy 1 get one free for $159 ( Free postage )

September 2018

Buy 1 get one free for $45 ( $10 postage )

October 2018